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How to Market Your Brand with Printed Flyers

How to Market Your Brand with Printed Leaflets

Flyers are one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to get your brand out there and market your business, regardless of whether you are a service business, or a retail shop selling pastries and coffee. When done correctly, utilising printed flyers may be a simple and effective method of bringing in new clients.

However, you need to work smart and adopt the best marketing practices to make the most of your promotional flyer campaign.

Read on to learn how to market your brand using them like a pro.


How to Market Your Brand Using Printed Leaflets

Here are some recommendations for using them to build a strong brand and boost your overall marketing results.


1. Design Your Leaflet or Flyer Correctly

The first step to marketing your brand is to design it professionally and correctly.

People can become confused and distracted if there are too many colours and typefaces on a page, and they will be unable to concentrate on what you are truly presenting them.

Keep it basic by using only one or two typeface families, although you can use different font weights within each one for extra emphasis.

Set clear, simple message for the Flyer:

  • What are you trying to sell to your audience?
  • Where will it be sold or the service offered?
  • What call to action (CTA) do you want your audience to take?

With a clear goal and strategy in mind, you can figure out what kind of content you need to put into the design in a way that makes sense to people.

  • Pay Attention to Main Keywords: Certain words or phrases can help people remember what they're reading in its design. Make these keywords bigger, bolder, or brighter to make them stand out and draw the reader’s attention.
  • Add a Call to Action: Why bother making a printed flyer if you don't want people to do something? Make sure everyone who sees it can do something right away. This could be anything from visiting your website to calling a phone number. Make it as easy as possible for people to follow your CTA.
  • Use high-impact Images wisely: A good flyer design has a high-quality picture that goes with the information on the page. It doesn't matter how good the images are or how well they are put together if they don't convey your message immediately. It is best to place the most powerful or striking images or graphics at the top.
  • Incorporate Branding within the Design: Printed is just one more thing you can use to help build and keep your brand's identity. Keep that sense of "who you are," and don't forget to make the design unique to your brand. Use your brand colours, fonts and design style in the flyer.

Design Your Leaflet or Flyer Correctly


2. Include Relevant Content

You can have the best-designed piece of printed communication in the world, but if it doesn't have the right content, you can't expect it to bring in the results you want. Here are some tips on the kind of content you need to include in your promotional flyer to market your brand.

  • Logo & Company Information: Your company name and logo are your brand identity. Therefore, make sure you include them in the design. You can also add your contact information and address to ensure your audience can locate you easily.
  • Include QR codes that direct the audience to the website and support your digital marketing.
  • Products & Services: When designing flyers, many people make the mistake of trying to fit every product or service they offer onto a single piece of paper. The majority of the time, you will not be able to put everything on the page, as it will appear too generic and cluttered. It is best to keep it as simple and uncluttered as possible. Concentrate on just a couple of your most important services and go into greater detail about them.
  • Don’t make your logo huge. People don’t really care about you or your brand, but are interested in the product or service you can offer them. So, don’t make the amateur mistake of making your company logo huge if selling a product or service. Nobody cares! What turns people on? It’s themselves! So focus purely on the product or service or offer.
  • Testimonials: You can also include reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers, increasing the reputation of your firm. Each of your marketing concepts should feature testimonials of satisfied customers. Think about including their full name and a photo if at all possible, if they agree to it, as it will add extra credibility.
  • Offer a Discount Voucher or Promo Code: People are always eager to take advantage of a bargain. You'll see far greater results if you add discounts, coupons, or promo codes with your offer. Make certain that it is a substantial discount that will convince your audience to keep the flyer and contact you with the call to action you suggest.


3. Choose the Right Printing Options

Once your design is ready, it is time to get them printed [link to Flyers at TPUK with that keyword]. The printing options you choose can make all the difference in the final results. Here are some things to consider:

  • Choose the right Trade Printing Company: Don't compromise on printing quality. A poor print job doesn’t provide a positive first impression and will deplete the flyer's impact. Visit Trade Printing UK for high-quality, personalised flyers that achieve results.
  • Colour Printing in the modern era: Full-colour flyers are the de facto standard nowadays distinguish themselves from the competition. When you compare a black and white laser, or colour copy, the colour one will have the much more professional and polished appearance. Just think how you would feel if somebody handed you something that wasn’t in full colour these days. What would you think of them? You’d think they were amateurs, right?
  • Avoid Photocopying at all costs: Instead of making 1980s-style photocopies, utilise a service that prints them directly from your PDF files instead of making inkjets, laser prints or even worse… photocopies, which will just look tatty and cheap, and basically totally unprofessional. This will have a significant impact on your ability to generate a good first impression on potential clients.

Distribute Flyers and Leaflets in Appropriate Locations


4. Distribute them in Appropriate Locations

The final step to promote your brand is distribution of your flyers: the where, when, and how you get them in front of your target audience. This is where having a thorough understanding of your market makes all the difference.

Don't only think about how old your customers are or how much money they make. Look into other aspects of their lives and their demographics, such as where they live, where they shop, how they shop, personal interests, and so on. This type of data can help you determine where to distribute for maximum return on investment.

They can be distributed in a variety of methods, including direct mail, hand-delivered door-to-door via your postman (e.g. the Royal Mail, or other courier), distribution at festivals, fairs, and other events. You can also include them with client invoices, payments to vendors, or packages addressed to retail customers.


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