Our printed Compliment Slips are printed at 1/3 A4 size — 210mm x 99mm.

The only paper we use is a Premium White 120gsm bond on a bright white paper, with a crisp, smooth feel that is fantastic to write on, kind to the environment and originates from FSC sustainable sources.

A personal, hand-written note with our Compliment Slip Printing (aka 'With Compliments'Slips) are great for accompanying product samples, an 'olde skool' cheque payment, or to say "thanks" (or just "hello") that adds a classy touch with a personal interaction that also looks really professional, whilst simultaneously promoting your brand or product to a customer, or potential client.


Either browse and customise our own Compliment Slip design ideas, or upload your own high-resolution, print-ready PDFs at 350dpi CMYK.

Compliment Slip Printing on 120gsm white bond paper from TradePrintingUK using template


* EXPRESS Turnaround is applicable to smaller quantities only; Higher quantities we'll supply a "Part Order" within the reduced time frame and then send on the remainder within the week.



Compliment Slips are a 1/3A4 size sheet with a traditional salutation of With Compliments pre-printed in a corner, opposite the company’s logo and address details originating from their Letterhead. There is also space for a hand-written, personalised message from seller to buyer.

Personalised Compliment Slips on 120gsm smooth white bond paper printed by TradePrintingUK


TradePrintingUK find that business compliment slips help companies make their customers and clients feel valued, connected and appreciated, positively impacting any brand's image and total Return on Investment (ROI).

A simple, handwritten or printed note like this demonstrates that you are particularly invested in your client and acknowledge their business and custom.

This kind of gesture is both simple and important in maintaining a humanised, business relationship with clients, building further trust between you, and the more trust you build, the stronger the relationship will become.

Great for Trust-building

It's vital to build that trust for businesses who depend on constant, repeat business and client recommendations. Thus, showing each of your customers that they're appreciated in this way is a terrific idea.

Otherwise, some companies strive to achieve a professional image but as a result, it can appear impersonal and cold.

While it is important to maintain a professional business relationship with all customers, it's also just as important to show your regulars that you value them and want to build that personal relationship further for the long term.

A personal business ‘With Compliments’ Slip is a great tool to establish that genuine connection on a personal level.

Compliment Slip printing on 120gsm smooth white bond paper by TradePrintingUK

They encourage additional Sales

If your clients feel valued, then that inspires loyalty. This is in turn is linked with our first point above about making customers feel valued as when they receive a handwritten, branded note (possibly) with their order, they feel appreciated and that they’re not dealing with a machine.

Customers will always remember great service that you provided to them which, in the future, they are more likely to purchase from you again.

Valued customers are also more likely to sing your praises to their families, friends, and colleagues as personal referral — the most important business lead type of all!

Compliment Slip printing on 120gsm smooth white bond paper by TradePrintingUK

Great for Business Referrals

They could, in turn, tell more people about your business, and some might even pass on your note containing your information to others that might also be interested in buy from, or working with you.

For small UK businesses, it could be just the thing to show your customers that even though you may be small, you're company is fully equipped business knows exactly what it’s doing.

For even more professionalism, make sure you keep a simple, sleek and sophisticated design on it. Invest in good quality paper and printing to ensure your personalised compliment slips are taken seriously and appreciated by your customer.

Business Compliment Slips printed by TradePrintingUK

They reinforce your Company Branding and build Trust

Just like the rest of your custom business stationery, your personalised ‘With Compliments’ notes should also follow the same design to develop a coherent brand identity across all print marketing.

Consistency of branding is key to standing out in the marketplace

Company branding consistency is vitally important in today’s marketplace so that your business can stand out from the masses, you need a unique, coherent identity that is both familiar and recognisable to your regular clients. These must carry your corporate logo, branding, fonts and colours that you use across all of your online and offline marketing and advertising materials.

Remember that you always need to personalise your Compliments Slip design if you want to reinforce your brand to your clients. Never, ever send a blank piece of paper or Post-It note to your customer as it might get lost, dismissed as amateurish, or ignored.

Compliment Slip printing on 120gsm smooth white bond paper by TradePrintingUK

Compliment Slips and Letterheads

As with many crowded markets in the UK and Ireland – with many multiple brands competing for eyeballs and attention to get sales, how can you be sure to stand out and stay ahead of the rest of them?

Well, for a lot of UK and Irish companies, especially those who only trade online post-Covid through their e-commerce websites, branding is solely an online process; thus, that's why you can stand out with custom printed 'Compliment Slip', company Letterheads and general business stationery you could develop your firm's branding further in the offline world too. Don't forget about the many, especially mature and older customers, that simply don't want to work exclusively with online. You'd be missing out otherwise.

Custom Printed Compliment Slips on 120gsm smooth white bond paper by TradePrintingUK

How to design professional Compliment Slips

  •  Stick with the traditional business Compliments Slips size of 210mm x 99mm
  •  Design in Full Colour
  •  Use infinite resolution 'Vector' graphics for logos
  •  Use 350dpi images in CMYK format
  •  Include most of the details from your company Letterheads
  •  Remember to keep a LARGE area clear for hand-writing a personal note


Personal Compliment Slip Artwork Setup Guide

Compliment Slips Artwork Setup for professional printing

Personal Compliment Slip Artwork — Ink Coverage Guide

Printed Ink Coverage Guide for Compliment SLips
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