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Loyalty Cards printed in Colour!

FEATURES include:

  • Available either Single-sided or Double-sided
  • 85mm x 55mm standard size
  • Printed on 300gsm Uncoated White Card stock

Personalise the fabulous, FREE Loyalty Card template designs, including adding your company logo and details in Full Colour.

Custom Printed Loyalty Cards from TradePrintingUK

Discover how businesses of all sizes utilise these compact cards to reward and retain their valued customers.

Unlock customer loyalty with these cards, offering a tactile and premium feel that customers appreciate.


Full Bleed Size (starting document size) of Loyalty Cards

  • 91mm x 61mm

Document Trim Size (final size after cutting) of Loyalty Cards

  • 85mm x 55mm


  • Finished Card artwork should use the full bleed dimensions for best results.
  • Please make sure to keep all text within the safe margin.
  • Save all your elements as CMYK (not RGB).
  • Resolution: 350 dpi.

* EXPRESS Turnaround is applicable to smaller quantities only; Higher quantities we'll supply a "Part Order" within the reduced time frame and then send on the remainder within the week.


What are Loyalty Cards?

Loyalty Cards are a popular marketing tool to reward customers, by awarding them points or discounts for their repeat business, encouraging them to come back again and again.

They are a great way to reward your customers for their loyalty and encourage repeat business. It's a cost-effective way to show your customers that you appreciate their support and can help to build a stronger relationship with customers.

Printed Loyalty cards are easy to customise with TradePrintingUK's online templates and can be designed to match your brand identity.

They are a portable, convenient 85mm x 55mm size (same as a business card), and can easily fit in your wallet or purse. Printed on 300gsm Uncoated board stock giving them them a natural and elegant feel. You can choose from different designs and colours to suit your brand and style.

  • Rewarding customers for their allegiance and repeat business
  • Encouraging customers to spend more money
  • Collecting data about customer' buying habits
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Constant reminder of brand awareness

Custom Printed Loyalty Cards from TradePrintingUK

Who uses Loyalty Cards?

These are used by businesses of all sizes, especially in the hospitality and retail sectors as a popular way to reward customers for their repeat business and encourage them to come back again and again.

The types of companies that use these cards to reward customers for their repeat business:

  • Coffee shops
  • Hair salons
  • Restaurants
  • Spas
  • Large chains
  • Retail stores


What types of businesses use reward cards?

Printed Loyalty cards by TradePrintingUK are suitable for any type of UK or Irish business that are wanting to reward their customers and increase their loyalty to your company or service. Some examples of businesses that use these are:

Coffee shops: High-street coffee shops can use Loyalty cards to offer discounts or free products to their regular customers. e.g. it's a popular marketing tool for UK baristas to offer a free Muffin or free Coffee after 9 purchases.

Hair salons: Hair salons can use these cards to offer free haircuts or styling options to their faithful customers. e.g. a UK high street barber shop can offer a free haircut after 10 visits, or a hairdresser can offer a free blow-dry after 5 visits.

Restaurants: Restaurants can use them to offer free meals or drinks to their frequent loyal customers. For example, a pizza place can offer a free pizza after 10 orders, or a high street coffee shop can offer a free coffee after 9 visits.

Spas: Spas can use them to offer free treatments or services to their regular customers. For example, a massage parlour can offer a free massage after 10 sessions, or a nail salon can offer a free manicure after 5 visits.

Small shops: Small shops can use them to offer discounts, benefits or free products to their regular customers. e.g. a bakery can offer a free loaf of bread after 10 purchases, or a florist can offer a free bouquet of flowers after 20 purchases.

Large chains: Large chains can use printed loyalty cards to offer points or vouchers to their loyal customers. e.g. a DIY chain can offer points that can be redeemed for discounts, or a clothing store can offer vouchers that can be used for future purchases.

Retail stores: Retail stores can use these cards to offer discounts or free samples to their loyal customers. For example, a beauty store can offer an attractive discount on their beauty products after 5 purchases, or a book store can offer a free book after 10 previous purchases.

Custom Printed Loyalty Cards from TradePrintingUK

What type of material are Loyalty Cards printed on?

The most popular choice for Loyalty Cards is on a 300gsm Uncoated Card.

This makes it easy to use with an ink stamper as they're easy and quick drying.

The ink absorbs really well, resulting in clear and crisp stamp marks.

Also this type of printed card material is very durable and can withstand repeated ink stamping.

There are various colours and shapes of ink stampers on the market that will suit your company brand and style for different promotions or rewards.

It's also easy for shop staff to write on each time a customer makes a purchase, or completes a service.

Custom Printed Loyalty Cards from TradePrintingUK

What are the benefits and advantages of a printed Loyalty Card?

Unlock Customer Loyalty with Trade Printing UK's 85mm x 55mm printed Customer Loyalty Cards: Discover how businesses of all sizes utilise these compact cards to reward and retain their valued customers. Crafted on 300gsm uncoated board stock, these loyalty cards offer a tactile and premium feel that customers will appreciate.

Enhance Customer Retention: They are the secret weapon for businesses aiming to foster customer loyalty. Printed on 300gsm uncoated board stock, these cards not only carry your brand's message but also exude quality and durability, making them a valuable keepsake.

Versatile Marketing Tool: Printed loyalty cards are versatile in their applications, catering to various industries like coffee shops, cafes, retail stores, and gyms. Their 85mm x 55mm size provides ample space for branding and offers a convenient way to reward customers for repeat business.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Initiatives: Businesses committed to sustainability and the environment can take pride in using 300gsm uncoated board stock for their loyalty cards. This environmentally friendly material aligns with eco-conscious consumers, demonstrating a brand's commitment to responsible practices.

Personalisation for Customer Engagement:  They allow for customisation, enabling businesses to tailor rewards and incentives to their customers' preferences. This personal touch fosters a deeper connection between customers and brands.

Track Customer Behaviour: They are not just tokens of appreciation; they also provide valuable insights into customer behaviour. With these frequent shopper cards, businesses can track purchase history and preferences, aiding in data-driven marketing strategies.

Long-Lasting Impression: The 300gsm uncoated board stock used in these loyalty cards ensures longevity and dependability, making them an enduring reminder of your brand. Customers are more likely to revisit your business when they have a tangible, well-crafted discount reward card like these in hand.

Cost-Effective Loyalty Solutions: Small and large businesses alike can benefit from the cost-effectiveness of these printed reward cards. Their compact size and material choice make them an affordable option for building customer devotion.

Enhance Brand Visibility: Beyond loyalty rewards, these printed reward cards serve as miniature brand ambassadors. Customers carrying them in their wallets inadvertently promote your business to friends and family, extending your brand's reach and allegiance-building marketing strategies.

Stay Ahead with Loyalty Card Programs: In today's competitive market, loyalty cards offer a strategic advantage. Printed on 300gsm uncoated board stock, they stand out as a premium offering, ensuring your business remains top-of-mind among customers.


What are the advantages of using Uncoated card for these?

Clear and crisp stamps: The uncoated finish allows the ink to absorb well, resulting in clear and crisp stamps that are easy to read and verify.

Durable and can withstand repeated stamping: The board stock is thick and sturdy, which means it can withstand repeated stamping without tearing or fading. You can be sure that your loyalty cards will last long and look good.

Easy to write on: The uncoated finish also makes it easy to write on them with any type of pen or pencil, or be used as stamp cards with an ink stamper.

Custom Details: You can add your customer’s name, contact details, or any other information you want to personalise with your company branding.

Custom Printed Loyalty Cards from TradePrintingUK

Where can I buy cheap printed Loyalty Cards?

Ordering them is simple and fast in the UK and Ireland, with TradePrintingUK's easy online service. You can choose from different template designs and colours with our Artwork Generator, or upload your own company design if you prefer.

You can also choose the quantity and delivery option that suits your needs. We will print them on high-quality 300gsm uncoated board stock with FREE delivery to your door in under a week usually.

Buy these promotional, incentive Cards today from TradePrintingUK and start rewarding your UK or Irish customers!

TradePrintingUK can personalise these incentivising reward cards with your company logo, branding and details.

Don't waste your time trying to print at home. Professional printing companies like TradePrintingUK will create a much better job for you, and a lot cheaper too.

Do you offer FREE UK delivery for printing?

Our Printing comes with FREE UK & Ireland Delivery via DPD48, comes as standard.

We also offer an upgrade option via DPD24 as well if you need them urgently. If you require a custom size please let us know we can hopefully help you.

FREE standard delivery with Trade Printing UK


*GB, N. Ireland, Republic of Ireland — 1 x 30kg box ONLY usually using DPD48 or DHL (2-day) service.


Our printing prices are based on ONE free parcel weighing up to 30Kg going to ONE address.

Our print prices also include delivery to ONE address only.

1 day upgrade – England, Scotland*, Wales to include an additional surcharge Trade Printing UK currently offer FREE Delivery on print to the majority of the UK and Ireland (*excluding Isle of Man, Scottish Highlands, Channel Islands — surcharge applies), but if you're in a hurry, we can expedite shipping after production finishes with other upgrade options.

Scottish Highlands and Isle of Wight — can take around 3 days to deliver.

Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey — post Brexit  - can take around one week to export.

Western Europe — post Brexit  - can take around from 2 - 4 weeks to export and clear through Customs in your own country.

Split addresses available at EXTRA cost. £POA

Actual shipping time of your print order will vary depending on where you are in the country and when you order. Working Day times are all Monday to Friday only as standard. These exclude weekends and public holidays (although sometimes our carrriers choose to elect a weekend day to deliver to non-commercial premises). See our Terms & Conditions for more details on our logistics policy.

If you'll have more than one parcel in your print order that needs to be expedited, we will advise you at time of order and charge you accordingly.

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