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5 BENEFITS of our Personalised POD Delivery Note Pads:

Accessibility:  Your driver can use them anywhere, anytime — no need for an internet connection or electronic gadgets. They just need to grab a pen!

Tangibility:  Our POD Delivery Notes provide a physical copy that you can hold, file, and review without relying on electronic gadgets or power sources.

Legal and Financial Compliance:  In some Logistics companies and regions, physical POD Delivery Notes are still necessary for legal auditing or tracing purposes.

Reliability:  These PODs are immune to digital errors, system crashes, or cybersecurity threats. You can count on their accuracy.

Simplicity:  NCR books and Pads don’t require technical expertise or training, making them accessible to users of all levels.


Personalise your POD Proof of Delivery Note Template:

You can personalise the free POD Delivery Note templates above for your UK and Irish courier business, including adding your company logo in Full Colour for FREE.

This allows you to customise the NCR template with your branding, which will make you look more professional to your customers.


FEATURES include:

  • 50 Sets per NCR Pad / Book
  • Glued / Padded or Bound at one edge
  • Loose Writing Shields / Card covers
  • Strawboard Back
  • Optional extras include including Attached Hinged Writing shields, and Drill holes


Carbonless NCR Explained – What are Sets, Pads and Books?


Your choice of CARBONLESS NCR Printed Product:

POD Delivery Note Sets: Loose Carbonless sheets glued together at top edge.

POD Delivery Note Pads: 50 NCR Sets Glued into thick Pads

POD Consignment Books Upgrade: 50 NCR Sets perforated, stapled and tape-bound on spine for robustness allowing you to retain a copy in the Book.*NOTE: these take longer to produce as hand-finished, so normally 7-8 working days for orders of 2-20, and 10-12 working days for orders of 50-100 Books.


*EXPRESS Turnaround is applicable to smaller quantities only; Higher quantities we'll supply a "Part Order" within the reduced time frame and then send on the remainder within the week.

** GB, N.Ireland, Republic of Ireland — 1 x 30kg box ONLY. SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS, ISLANDS & EUROPE WILL INCUR A SMALL SURCHARGE. Usually printed & delivered within one week or sooner, however higher quantities (particularly of staple bound & perforated Books) may take a few days longer which we'll advise. If you need something sooner ask us nicely and we'll try our best to help!

What are POD Delivery Notes?

POD (Proof of Delivery) Notes are used to confirm that a delivery has been completed and that the goods have been received by the intended recipient.

They provide evidence that the goods have been delivered as agreed, and can also be used to record any issues or discrepancies with the delivery.

POD Delivery Note Pads and Books Free Template for Carbonless NCR print

What the advantages of a POD Delivery Note?

Using delivery notes helps a business get a better overview of their stock control, whilst also giving their customers a way to check they have received all of the products they paid for.

If you send a delivery note with your shipment of the goods, it can be used as a checklist by your customer to ensure that everything’s there.

Every item contained in a delivery note has to be in the accompanying shipment. Therefore it can be easy to see if any of the supplied goods are missing by providing an overview of what the customer has ordered and what has been sent in that particular delivery.

In some cases, a copy of the delivery note is signed by the recipient and then returned to the seller or consignor as proof of delivery. This is then known as ‘recorded delivery’ or ‘signed for delivery’.

If the delivery note has been signed by the recipient, you can rest assured that your parcel has reached its intended destination.

POD Delivery Note Carbonless NCR Pads and Books Free Template for print

What does a Delivery Note usually include?

Although POD notes are optional, they should still follow a certain structure, regardless of whether you use software or create your delivery note template in Word. There must be clear communication between both the sender and the receiver.

What way are POD delivery notes printed?

POD notes are typically printed on Carbonless NCR paper, which creates copies of the delivery note without the need for additional printing equipment. The paper is designed to transfer the written or printed information to the next sheet in the pad, creating duplicate or triplicate NCR copies.

Carbonless POD Delivery Notes make it easier to supply multiple NCR (No Carbon Requried) copies, e.g. one for the delivery driver, one for the customer and a copy for the office.

Who still uses printed POD notes?

In the UK and Ireland, POD notes are commonly used by courier and logistics companies, as well as businesses that make regular deliveries to customers.

The construction industry also uses POD notes to confirm the delivery of building materials and other equipment to job sites.

What are the different variants of a POD note?

POD notes can come in various formats, such as a single-sheet delivery note, a pad of delivery notes, or as a printed label that can be attached to the goods being delivered.

Some POD notes may also include additional information, such as a description of the goods being delivered, the quantity, and any special instructions or delivery conditions.

POD notes can also include variations such as electronic PODs or ePODs, which use electronic signatures or barcode scanning to confirm delivery instead of physical signatures.

They're becoming increasingly popular in the UK and Ireland as they offer a more efficient and secure way of recording proof of delivery.

The POD delivery note must therefore show:

The name and contact details of the seller

The name and contact details of the customer

The date of issue

The date of delivery

Account or Order numbers

A description of the goods contained in the order

The quantity of each product included in the shipment

A signature box to confirm the delivery was received and by whom.

While it usually doesn’t contain product prices, you may choose to include these, depending on your industry and the products being shipped. Rather than showing the price, products may be listed by their unique product number.

It might also include the address and banking information of the seller, as a confirmation or added reminder for contact and payment purposes.

The delivery note needs to list of what is contained in a package – i.e. the number and description of the products included. The document should also show: your company details, including contact details in the event of a query. name and address of the company the goods are being delivered to.

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