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9 Reasons You Need Custom-Printed Envelopes

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Businesses across the world have been using envelopes to wrap up their marketing messages, product descriptions, and more for years now. Companies and organisations use custom envelopes to advertise a product launch, reach out to a potential patron, celebrate a company-wide success, and send invites to a business event.

Custom-printed envelopes can help businesses make a remarkable first impression on prospective customers, business partners, employees, and patrons. They enable you to present your brand in a favourable light and act as one of the finest ways to introduce your business to the world in a highly personalised manner.

So let’s explore some reasons and benefits of using personalised printed envelopes!


9 Benefits of Using Custom-Printed Envelopes

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Here are some compelling reasons to use custom printed envelopes:


1. Branding Opportunity

A custom-printed envelope gives you the opportunity to place your company logo and business name front and centre so that it’s the first thing potential customers see when they lay eyes on the envelope. You can focus on other designing aspects as well to ensure that they promote your brand effectively.


2. Multiple Options

The truth of the matter is that custom envelopes open up a world of possibilities for you to explore. You have multiple size, paper and flap type options to choose from, to find the ideal, personalised version that will work for your specific business needs.

You can choose from a wide variety of designs using online design editors and opt for simple, customised printed envelopes, eco-friendly and biodegradable options, distinctive board-backed envelopes, padded bubble bags and more. A reputable UK trade print manufacturing company will provide you with multiple, customisable options and help you choose the one that will align with your vision.

There are two types of flaps available on envelopes, both long-edge ‘Wallet’ Flap (most likely found on “Peel & Seal” envelopes) and short-edge ‘Pocket’ Flap. Most people prefer the long-edge, Peel & Seal Wallet type as it’s easier to place letterheads, pages or contents into the envelope.

Many print manufacturers will offer Wallet flaps as standard as they’re also much better to print a return, undeliverable address on the reverse side too.

Usually, they’ll come as “flap down” if 120gsm Peel & Seal or 100gsm Self-Seal variants, fitting into a smaller space in their storage boxes and keeping the glued edge safe.


3. Different Sizes

You might not think about the size of an envelope at first glance; however, it plays a key role in making the right impression on customers. Depending on the content of the letter, you might need to choose a size up or down. You will also be able to discuss your needs with the printing company and seek its professional guidance on the most appropriate, fit-for-purpose envelope size available.

Depending on the content of the letter, you might need to choose a printed envelope size up or down


4. Excellent Marketing Opportunity

Professionally designed and printed envelopes act as brilliant marketing tools for your brand. They are highly beneficial for your business as they are the first point of contact with prospective customers and patrons. You can use them to not only set a great first impression but also reset the view some people might have about your business.

For instance, if you have developed a certain image for your company over the years and now want prospective customers to look at you differently, you can customise your envelopes to help achieve this shift in perspective. You can also use them for marketing a new product or advertising the start of a new service. It’s subtle, yet effective marketing that will certainly attract the people who receive your letter.


5. Choose the Right Paper Quality

You also have the option of choosing an appropriate paper quality to impress the individuals or organisations who will receive your letters. Ideally, you want your envelopes to be custom-printed on a durable material and goes seamlessly with your overall brand aesthetic and the paper quality of your letter.

You need a material that enhances the appeal of your enveloped letter and makes it appear elegant and impressive. Plus, if you’re an environmentally-friendly brand, you must invest in the appropriate, eco-friendly choice from FSC sourced forests.

The paper quality choices are usually:

  • 90gsm White Bond — used with Gummed Machinable envelopes at DL+ and C5+ sizes
  • 100gsm White Bond — used with Self-Seal DL, C5 and C4 sizes
  • 120gsm White Bond — also used with premium Peel & Seal DL, C5 and C4 sizes


6. Choice of Shelf Life

The three different choices of envelope type have different shelf lives. That’s usually done to the protection given to the glue on each type, so a wet glue like the pressure-sensitive gum used on Self-Seal will have a much shorter shelf-life than a dry glue used on Gummed envelopes, or a protected wet glue behind a waxy strip on Peel & Seal Envelopes.

Not everybody likes to lick a traditional Gummed envelope, with a water soluble gum strip manufactured from Dextrin-based adhesives, made from potato or corn starches; making them safe to lick.

Another version is made from Gum Arabic which is made from tree sap, however the taste is another matter and thus why Peel & Seal and Self-Seal Envelopes have taken over most of the market now. It’s usually only the domain of machined envelopes theses days that still use Gummed.

The average envelope shelf life on each of the three types of glued flap are:

  • GUMMED — 1 year or more
  • SELF-SEAL (aka “Press Seal”) — 6-12 months
  • PEEL & SEAL — 5 years

Custom Printed Envelopes PEEL & SEAL flap


7. Boosted Brand Awareness

An undeniable benefit of personalised envelopes that are right in front of people comms is that they help create and boost extra brand awareness. They can attract potential customers toward your brand and entice them to learn more about you and remember your brand, the more it will help you grow the bottom line. With boosted brand awareness, they’ll understand better what your business does, making them more receptive to your products and services.


8. Enhanced Business Credibility

Personalised printed envelopes can help you enhance the credibility of your business and subtly show how you are proud of and invest in your brand, as the material quality, shape, size, typeface and message that you choose for it will be reflective of your business. They enable you to make a memorable first impression on your clients and enhance your brand’s reputation.


9. Matching Letterhead or Compliment Slip design

By choosing custom printed envelopes with your logo on them, you can effectively match your branding and look from your Letterhead or Compliment Slips. You can go for the same look with the matching font, colour, and brand logo.

That will ensure seamless brand consistency across your stationery, boosting both brand recognition and presenting a cohesive entity that enhances the overall attractiveness of contents.


Collaborate with a printing company to design beautiful custom-printed Envelopes for your business

The Bottom Line

No one can deny the charm, elegance and impact of a custom-printed envelope which come with multiple, undeniable benefits for businesses that rely on brand recognition and loyalty. Customised envelopes can help set yourself apart from your competitors in your industry who don’t care as much about their image and show existing or prospective customers that you care about your brand image.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and collaborate with a printing company to design beautiful custom envelopes for your business. If you’re looking for a reliable envelope printing company, then TradePrintingUK are one of the top manufacturers in the UK and Ireland.