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8 Ways to Promote Your Brand with Packaging

8 Ways to Promote Your Brand with Packaging

For most manufacturing businesses, packaging is an essential aspect of their shipping strategy. Using the right packaging supplies and materials is crucial for avoiding delivery mishaps and lost business. The correct choice of packaging will protect your products, save your on delivery costs and impressing your customers.

But that’s not all that packaging can do. Consider it as your blank canvas. What you put on your product’ packaging could determine your product or your brand’s fate. All in all, packaging is a great marketing tool, and in this article, we will discuss eight ways to promote your brand with packaging.


Ship Your Products in Custom Packaging Envelopes

1. Ship Your Products in Custom Packaging

Brown cardboard-based boxes will always be a reliable option but are they really memorable? People like visual elements, and packaging with colours, graphics, logos or photos will be the most memorable. These elements draw the eye of the consumer and keep it there.

Imagine a shipment of your products landing at your customer’s doorstep. There are plenty of brown boxes from other companies, but only your box is draped in colour and features branded logos and graphics. Which package do you think the customer will open first? Aesthetic packaging excites people!

However, you don’t necessarily have to have printed boxes if your budget doesn’t allow them. Custom tape works just as well! It not only seals your packaging but also carries your branding. In addition to the custom tape, custom labels designed and placed strategically are also effective in branding. Check out bubble envelope jiffy bags from Trade Printing UK that are easily customisable and perfect for shipping delicate or fragile products!


2. Match your Packaging to Your Campaigns

Synergy is a very important aspect of a business. It refers to when two or more things come together to create something much greater than those things on their own.

When marketers create advertising or marketing campaigns, you must have noticed that they ensure all their elements match up. They ensure consistency. Their billboards, flyers, TV ads, radio ads, Social media, and web-based ads all seem to have the same look and feel, displaying similar messages. If you’re running a marketing or advertising campaign for your brand, don’t forget to add packaging to your marketing mix!

Yes, there are space limitations when it comes to packaging but tailoring it according to your campaign is as simple as adding a small graphic, a headline or even colour to your design. When your packaging matches your campaign and feels like part of the mix, it eventually becomes recognisable and memorable.


Develop Seasonal or Holiday-themed Packaging

3. Develop Seasonal or Holiday-themed Packaging

Many companies use packaging as a marketing tool when seasons change or when the Christmas season comes around at the end of each year. Unbranded boxes can become monotonous after a while and make customers numb, numbing your branding efforts, thus why creating variation within branded packaging is very important if you want to retain overall customer attention.

Seasonal packaging (spring, summer, autumn and winter) is very popular. It helps create excitement and builds anticipation. With every season, customers look forward to specific designs, colours and sales offers made by your brand.

Holiday packaging (Hallowe’en, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, etc.) can earn your brand goodwill. It will cement your place in a particular holiday, and people might start associating your product with a specific holiday or time of year (an example: Starbucks’ holiday cup).


4. Promote Your Social Media Presence on Your Packaging

It is easy to get lost in competition, especially when so many brands are out there trying to capture your customer’s attention. It would be best to give your customers a reason to find you, connect with you, and continue to stay loyal to you.

One of the best ways to promote your brand with packaging and connect with your customers is to list your social media accounts on your packaging, especially where you have so many Followers or sharing lots of content already. Remember to use #hashtags too, as they will increase customer curiosity about your presence on social media and might also use them on their own posts or tweets, helping you increase your brand’s reach.


5. Add Surprise Promotional Elements

All customers want a great unboxing experience. Apple are the absolute kings of this experience. The feel, colours, design elements and textures you use on your packaging can go a long way in making your customers feel appreciated. Most customers expect to be dazzled, but they don’t expect to be rewarded. That’s where you can add value to your packaging that can pay off.

For example, you can print discount voucher codes inside your packs to make customers feel clever about finding you, they are primarily a great way for you to track where the majority of your sales come from. You can hide puzzles, games and hints inside as well to engage customers, so they seek you out.

Some small businesses also add secret QR codes or URL links. By scanning or visiting these, customers can access discounts, avail of your special offers or be a part of exclusive giveaways.


Trade Printing UK make excellent inserts and an extra touch of classy personalisation with a hand-written note to show your customer how much your personally care

6. Include Customised Inserts and Gifts

Showing gratitude to your customer is one of the most effective ways to build up goodwill. It will help you ensure they buy from you again. Plus, it doesn’t take much! Thank you cards and Compliment Slips from Trade Printing UK make excellent inserts and an extra touch of classy personalisation with a hand-written note to show your customer how much your personally care. Make sure they also have your company’ colours and logo.

Some businesses also reward their customers with product-specific add-ons with every order. These never fail to surprise and impress people. If a customer is ordering three to four bars of your home-made soap, throw one in for free. Or if they are ordering tons of makeup from you, add a travel-sized product for free. You will come across as a generous, caring company.


7. Do Not Overdesign Your Packaging

When making the packaging eye-catching and unique, some companies overdo it and complicate the design unnecessarily. Your product might luck out and sell well, but you won’t be able to reinforce your brand image with an overcomplicated design.

Don’t get too carried away with adding as many design elements as you can. Stick with a clear and simple concept that your customers will understand easily. Oftentimes, it is the most simple and well-thought design that stands out in customers' minds and wins their hearts.


8. Give Your Product a Persona via Packaging

Lastly, avoid thinking your packaging is just a way to deliver your product. Think of packaging as an extra marketing tool – a canvas that you can use to convey a message or a story. You can create your brand identity through your packaging, so think of it as a person. Use packaging to create a persona for your product and develop a personality for your brand.

If you think of your product as a person, you will design packaging that reflects your brand’s personality – something that your target audience can relate to. They will notice the authenticity of your brand and will be much more inclined towards your product.


Looking for Custom Packaging Envelopes for Your Products? Trade Printing UK’s Got You Covered!

Looking for Custom Packaging for Your Products? Trade Printing UK’s Got You Covered!

There are several ways to promote your brand with packaging. Choose one that fits your budget and helps you achieve your marketing goals. Contact Trade Printing UK for your packaging needs. Trade Printing UK is a leading manufacturer of customised office stationery supplies and product packaging.

We have over 30 years of experience serving all business sectors in the UK and Ireland. For more information about the products and services we offer, visit our website or call our head office at 028 9084 1234.