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8 surprising ways to use Flyers & Leaflets for Print Marketing

Custom-printed leaflets and flyers

Despite existing in a largely digitised world, custom flyers are inarguably one of the most effective forms of advertising today. They hold an integral position in the marketing world as a versatile tool that businesses can use to market their brand creatively. Their tangible nature makes them more appealing and personalised than an e-mail or an online poster.

They are also cost-effective, with an exceptional return on investment. If you’re still not convinced of the charm of customised and printed leaflets and flyers, you will undoubtedly change your mind after reading the following ingenious ways in which you can use flyers to promote your business and expand your marketing efforts:


1. Hiring New Blood

Traditionally, businesses have used custom flyers and leaflets to promote their new brand or services. However, not many people use flyers to hire new employees in today’s day and age. The benefit of using flyers to acquire new talent is that they will enable you to find the right people within your community. Since they allow you to introduce your brand in a favourable light, your team will be able to project a positive brand image to potential employees.

All you have to do is create appealing artwork, mention the position you’re looking to fill, list down your requirements, and seal the deal with your contact information. Then, you can disperse your team within your locality to pass them around. You might be surprised when approached by talented people who were within your reach all this time.


2. Be One with Your Community

They also enable you to show your community that you are as much a part of them as any other local individual or business. The best way to do that is by creating flyers with incentives, services, and rewards linked to any event happening within your community.

It will not only help you give back to the people who help your business thrive, but it will also help prospective customers know that you care about the people around you. Additionally, it will make your brand more popular in the local sphere, ultimately resulting in increased brand loyalty.


3. Make Meaningful Statements

Another exceptional way to use them to become more socially and environmentally responsible. How so? Well, you can use flyers to create statements regarding the current social climate. It will help you advertise your stance within your community and let people know that they have your support in troubling times.

You can also use printed flyers to promote sustainability and campaigns related to environmental preservations. It will enable you to fulfil your social duty while letting prospective customers know that you care about everyone’s well-being and are an environmentally-friendly enterprise concerned about the future of the planet along with its current and future inhabitants.

Another exceptional way to use custom leaflets and flyers is to use them to become more socially and environmentally responsible


4. Market Your Social Media

As a brand existing in the digital landscape, you have to get with the times and use every accessible digital tool to promote your brand. The best way to do that is via social media. Ironically, you can use printed leaflets and flyers for advertising your social media presence.

It will help you expand your reach while still staying connected with people in a highly personalised manner. What’s more is that you can also use them to promote various social media campaigns and collaborations with influencers, celebrities, and more. All these marketing tips will help you increase customer engagement.


5. Promote Charitable Organisations

If you want your business to be recognised as an entity that genuinely cares about your community, focus on giving back to the people in whatever capacity possible. Create charitable initiatives that will enable you to become a helping hand and create a positive brand image.

Choose a charity that falls in line with your mission statement or brand values, think of how you can help that charitable organisation, and then find ways to involve prospective customers in the process. Print your mission and the way the public can help you achieve it on your custom flyers.

This way, you can engage with your target audience while projecting your business in an exceptionally favourable light. Meanwhile, your effort will make a marked difference in the lives of those you choose to help.


6. Become a Credible Source of Information

Another undeniably brilliant way to use custom flyers is to provide prospective customers with helpful information regarding your industry. How will this help you market your brand, you ask? Well, if you make sure to use highly credible and handy information, your custom-oriented flyers will essentially act as well-written, mini-blog posts that will help you build your credibility in the local market.

For instance, if you’re a motivational coach, you can create a custom flyer highlighting ways to keep yourself task-focused during stressful times. Similarly, if you’re a personal trainer or a nutritionist, you can use your flyer to mention superfoods or exercises that will help individuals gain strength.

If you keep at it, you will gradually become an authority in your field and people will look to you to find reliable information. You can also add a call-to-action in such flyers that urge the readers to visit your blog so they can find more valuable information.

Customs leaflets and flyers provide prospective customers with helpful information regarding your industry


7. Unleash Your Holiday Spirit

Holidays are undoubtedly one of the best times to use customised flyers. It’s the time of the year when you can use these advertising tools to show your fun, merry side to prospective clients and reward your local customers.

Design business flyers that correspond with the colours of the holiday you’re celebrating, such as Christmas, Black Friday, and more. But make sure to display your logo and business name on the flyer to keep the attention on your brand. To keep people interested, make sure your company provides them with a royalty reward, special holiday discount, or an irresistible offer that compels them to visit your store or website.


8. Add Vouchers in Your Flyers

While there is no denying that flyers are one of the most charming and personalised ways to advertise your businesses, sometimes they aren’t as effective as you would like. If that starts happening, make sure to incentivise the reader further.

The best way to do that is by adding a tempting voucher or freebie to your artwork. Make sure you place this offer front and centre to ensure that prospective customers can spot it right away. You'll increase the likelihood of more people interacting with your brand and using your services and products.


The Bottom Line

As evidenced above, there are many different, effective, and unique ways in which you can use flyers to promote your business and drive customer engagement through the roof. However, you also need to make sure that your flyers effectively do the required job. The only way to do that is by trusting a reliable flyer printing company in the UK and Ireland that can fulfil your printing needs.

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