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Compliment Slips — 7 Reasons to Include one in your Envelope

7 Reasons to Include a Compliment Slip within your Envelope or Box

If you think Compliment Slips have become a thing of the past, think again!

In today's era where businesses constantly strive to provide the best customer service, personal Compliment Slips are gaining in popularity again.

They have always claimed their high regard as an essential part of any corporate, custom, business stationery items like printed Letterheads and the essential Business Cards.

Many UK companies and businesses overlook the importance of compliments slips when packing orders. If your custom compliments slips are stacked somewhere at the back of your office cupboard, it is time to bring them out and utilise them as a business tool.


What are Compliment Slips?

Compliment Slips are a 1/3A4 size sheet with a traditional salutation of a pre-printed “With Compliments” in a corner, opposite the company’s logo and address details lifted from their Letterhead, plus space for a hand-written, personalised message from one company to another.


7 Reasons to add Compliment Slips to Envelopes and Packages


1. They Make Customers and Clients Feel Valued and Appreciated

Compliment slips help businesses make their customers and clients feel valued and appreciated, which can positively impact your brand's image and total Return on Investment (ROI).

Today, most companies strive to maintain a professional image while giving their customers what they need. As a result, they appear impersonal and cold.

While it is important to maintain a professional business relationship with all customers, it is also important to show your regular clients that you value them and want to build a personal relationship. A ‘With Compliments’ Slip is a great tool to establish that genuine connection on a personal level.

A simple, handwritten or printed note like this demonstrates that you are particularly invested in your client and acknowledge their business and custom. This kind of gesture is both simple and important as it helps your clients feel valued and appreciated, builds a personal relationship, and breeds greater customer loyalty down the line when it matters.


2. They Encourage further Sales

Personal Compliment Slips can increase your sales by encouraging your customers and clients to indirectly buy more of your products or services.

This is linked with our first point about making customers feel valued as when they receive a handwritten, branded note with their order, they feel appreciated and that they’re not dealing with a machine. Customers will always remember great service that you provided to them which, in the future, they are more likely to purchase from you again.

Valued customers are also more likely to sing your praises to their families, friends, and colleagues as personal referral — the most important business lead type of all!

They could tell more people about your business, and some might even pass on your business Compliments Slip containing your information to others that might also be interested in buy from, or working with you.

Compliment Slips Make Customers and Clients Feel like a Part of Your Brand


3. They Make Customers and Clients Feel like a Part of Your Brand

As a business, we're sure that you understand the importance of branding in today’s marketplace?

If you want your business to stand out, you need to develop a unique and coherent identity that your customers can recognise. You need to establish a strong market presence as well.

Unfortunately, with every company now striving to develop its own brand today, how can you stand out and stay ahead of the competition?

For many, branding is only limited to promoting digitally on social media or by giving away free samples. However, with Compliment Slips and other custom business stationery from TradePrintingUK, you can develop your branding in the real world and make yourself stand out.

Perhaps they might rank your service or product quality better than a company that did not send in a compliments slip with their package!


4. You Can Use Them to Offer Exclusive and Personal Discounts

One of the greatest benefits of adding business compliments slips in packages is to gain more business by retaining customers, and the best way to retain customers is to offer unique and personalised offers and discounts.

By using a simple, custom compliment slip, you can offer discount codes to customers or surprise them with exclusive offers. This can increase customer loyalty and entice them to purchase in the future. For example, you can offer 5% off on the next online purchase with a coupon code that a customer can use at checkout on your website.


5. They Reinforce Branding

Like the rest of your custom business stationery, your ‘With Compliments’ slips should also follow the same design to develop a coherent brand identity across all print marketing. Those all-important Complimentary Slips you send to your clients and customers must carry your corporate logo, branding, fonts and colours that you use across all of your online and offline marketing and advertising materials.

Remember that you need to personalise your compliments slip if you want to reinforce your brand. Never, ever send a blank piece of paper or Post-It note to your customer as it might get lost, dismissed as amateurish, or ignored. Always use a custom ‘With Compliments’ slip from TradePrintingUK that will reinforce your brand while displaying all your important contact details.

Compliment Slips Reinforce Branding


6. They Add a Personal Touch

Custom business stationery is ideal for adding a personal touch to dealing with customers.

As discussed earlier, customised, printed business stationery is like a vehicle that allows personal communication with customers and clients, developing strong relationships and helping to personalise their formal business communications.

For example, if you’re sending important business documents like contracts, invoices, receipts, proposals or catalogues to your clients, you can include 'With Compliments' slips with your letters and parcels. Handwritten or printed Comp Slips will personalise the dispatch even more.


7. They Help Build Trust

Finally, they help to build trust with current and prospective customers.

Even a simple ‘Thank You’ note can help can make your customers and clients feel valued. When clients feel appreciated, it increases their trust in you, personalising and humanising your business.

The more trust you build for your customers, the better it will be for your long-term relationship with all current and prospective customers.

Building that all-important trust between your company and customers is essential for future growth, so adding a printed Compliments Slip with packages is a great idea. It means that your customers are more likely to buy from you again further down the line, which can then increase your ROI.


Get Your Customised Compliments Slips from TradePrintingUK

Get Your Customised Compliments Slips from TradePrintingUK

TradePrintingUK offers a 1/3rdA4 size, bright white, Compliment Slips with a crisp and smooth feel that are fantastic to write on. Made from FSC sustainable sources, these can perfectly accompany packages, cheques, invoices, receipts, and other business documents that you send out to potential clients. If you want to reinforce your brand values, build a genuine relationship with your customers based on trust, and wow them when they open your package, get in touch with TradePrintingUK for custom business stationery today.