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11 Reasons you need to use Custom Flyers & Leaflets

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Today, businesses need to find the right ways to attract their target market to their doorsteps. However, it’s easier said than done, especially for small businesses, because conglomerates and established enterprises more or less occupy the market.

In such an environment, you need to think of advertising for your business in a way that helps you stand out and etch an impression on the mind of prospective customers. The best way to do that is via custom business flyers and leaflets.

The most pleasing aspect of using this marketing tool is that you can create cheap custom flyers and generate the right buzz in your local community to make a difference in your sales and overall business goals. After all, bespoke flyers effectively grab the attention of potential customers in a memorable and unique way. They also allow you to present your brand in a favourable light while highlighting the unique selling points that make you different from similar businesses.


If you’re not convinced about the magnificence of bespoke flyers & leaflets, take a look at the following reasons why you need them:

1. Excellent First Impressions

They are often the first points of interaction you have with prospective clients. With well-crafted design, you can make a solid first impression on the people you interact with. How so? Well, a well-designed flyer, printed on a nice gloss or silk artpaper gives you an incredible opportunity to present your brand or company in a positive light.

With that ice-breaking sales tool, accompanied with an upbeat, helpful attitude from your staff will help leave a memorable, first impression with potential customers to win more business in these challenging times.


2. Creative Freedom

A custom-printed, business flyer or folded leaflet presents you with a potentially fun chance to unleash your or your team's creativity and create a bespoke design that speaks to your customers.

When experimenting with its design and layout, make sure to keep your brand’s original colours and house-style, especially if you have a consistent brand image across your marketing plan, otherwise it may confuse your prospective customers if you deviate from your established house-style.

Keeping your brand colours the same will allow you to explore other creative elements such as the design of the vector graphics, the typeface family choice and so much more.

Custom-printed business flyers or folded leaflets present an opportunity to unleash your creativity


3. The Perfect Ice Breaker

Nowadays you create a wide array of professional flyers online via a plethora of Trade printing platforms, encouraging experimentation and flair, while hopefully having memorable elements that giving you or your company the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and your business to prospective customers with something that is relevant to their needs.

It could have a witty one-liner, a pun, or even a dramatic 'Call To Action' graphic or photo that could become an ideal ice breaker between you and a potential new client.


4. Effective and Memorable

The truth is that, like any other business, you can go for a run-of-the-mill approach to get your message across to your potential audience but a well thought out, printed flyer will be a terrific tool to help you make your message as memorable and effective as possible. The more distinctive its design and main message are, the easier it will be for your audience to remember your company and act on it.

It’s also likely that your prospective customer will appreciate the thought and effort of promoting a clear and concise message, especially if your competitors are also competing against at the same venue or event at the same time.

Make your message as memorable and effective as possible on a flyer


5. Ideal use of the limited space

Perhaps, the best part of creating custom flyers is that you will get to use the limited space the way that best suits your business or organisation for maximum return on investment. They have a constrained space to work within, especially the smaller A6, DL (1/3A4) and A5 sizes.

Use customer research to find ways to utilise that limited space to refine your message and create an eye-catching design, allowing the reader to absorb every bit of information necessary to make an informed decision for their needs and business.


6. Opportunity for consistent branding

They'll give you the opportunity to ensure brand consistency without blowing your design and marketing budget. Make sure to use your company logo, consistent typeface styles (used on both your website and in your marketing campaigns) to ensure a professional, branding consistency.

Don’t forget that colour’s important too and a refined colour palette aligned with your own photography promote a uniform image across different channels.

Ensure brand consistency on your flyers without blowing your design and marketing budget


7. Appeal to different audience segments and demographics

On top of your digital spend, bespoke flyers and folded leaflet designs can also help you attract various, targeted audience segments to your product or service as well, but how can you achieve this feat?

Well, not all audiences will resonate with the same graphics or message (based on their unique preferences and lifestyles), so make sure to cut your cloth to suit and spend time with the graphic elements, photography, and the Call to Action of your campaign.

This way, you will be able to engage with – and please – many more people from different sectors while accomplishing your business goals and helping them with theirs.


8. Cost-effective Solution

In the rush for digital channels, some younger marketers have forgotten the power of print and especially printed flyers. Digital certainly allows more analytics and data gathering, but sometimes your target audience can't be reached via the digital channels so beloved by a younger cohort.

Paper-based marketing still has a placed in the modern world and slightly older demographics prefer to have something in their hand that isn't a phone, something that's easier to hold onto and file when they get back home or to the office. So a balance in your marketing is key and as discussion in point 7, appealing to different audience segments' preferences is paramount.


9. Customised Messages for various occasions including Black Friday

One of the most appealing benefits is that you can use them to post out various customisable messages to your audiences. For instance, even if you want to ensure on-brand consistency, you can use the same basic layout but change the text, or its Call to Action and then use them for various occasions, sevents, or sales opportunities.

They’re also a superb medium to promote special seasonal discounts on your products or services, or for trade shows or conferences now that Covid restrictions are being lifted further throughout the UK and Ireland. Don’t forget the ‘big two’ in the modern era of “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” either, which post-Thanksgiving (and pre-Christmas) are two Sale dates that have spread further into the UK and Irish consciousness now as a USA export.


10. Measure marketing efforts

When creating custom business flyers, you can use them to monitor the success of your marketing campaign. The best way to do that is to add a special discount offer or voucher to your flyer. This way, you can hand out it out to as many people and potential customers as possible.

Then, all you have to do is wait for those people to avail the offer. Depending on the number of people who availed your offer, you can measure the overall success of your campaign and figure out if it worked in your favour and helped you achieve your goals or not.

It’s really cheap for a business owner or company to professionally print a higher run of flyers nowadays too, and in the UK they’re considered as “Marketing” spend by HMRC and the UK government so you can buy them at Zero VAT, saving you 20% over other printing media.


11. Linking important information

They can also present you with the freedom to include as much or as little information about your business or service as you want on it. 'Less is More' is a good adage to adopt to focus your customers on your message, however, you can use that creative freedom to add your contact information and an easy Call To Action for your prospective customers to contact you.

A terrific way to encourage communication back to your sales or marketing teams is to mention your brand name, website, sales contact number, plus social media pages too on the flyer to give people the option to reach out and contact you how they conveniently want to. Plus it's all right there, in their pocket. Don't miss out.

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Now that you know the benefits of using custom flyers or printed leaflets for your business, why not test the waters with our free flyers today!