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10 Benefits of Using Flyers & Leaflets for Your Company

Free flyers.

If you’re a small business looking to generate the right buzz and traction in your community, it’s time to use old-school flyers to help you get the job done. Contrary to popular belief, flyers can help your business get noticed in the local sphere. Flyers are incredibly effective promotional tools that allow you to interact with potential customers face to face while setting the right first impression of your business. So, what should be on a business flyer? Well, since the purpose of a flyer is to grab the attention of a prospective consumer and highlight your brand’s services, your flyer should:

  • Highlight your USPs in a readable way
  • Showcase your products & services
  • Display your brand
  • Give people the chance to contact you

Targeted marketing via free flyers also works wonders at converting prospective customers.

Now that you know what to add to your flyer, let’s take a look at ten compelling benefits of using flyers for businesses:

1. People Trust Printed Material — Fact!

Despite the growing use of digital marketing, people still put a lot of trust in printed materials and information, especially if it looks professional. Even though it’s certainly important for your business to have a strong online presence to reach a global market, targeted marketing via free flyers being printed also works wonders at converting prospective customers. Plus, it’s a lot easier than trying to make your mark in the internet void where thousands of businesses are trying to outsmart each other for the top spots, especially on Google and Bing.


2. Build Sustainable Relationships

Unlike online blogs and adverts, flyers and leaflets are physical marketing tools that often sit on your customers’ or brand partners’ desks for weeks, increaseing the likelihood of people reading, understanding, and acting upon whatever information you put on them.

Moreover, a well-crafted leaflet can also enable you to close a sale with a customer whom you spoke to during a trade event or business conference. It especially works wonders for B2B enterprises looking to create sustainable relationships with other businesses. Printed flyers will help you sustain contact with your target audience after the initial impression.

Unlike online blogs and advertisements, flyers are physical marketing tools that often sit on your customers’ or brand partners’ desk.


3. Easy to Produce Flyers and Leaflets

When it comes to marketing with flyers, you don’ have to wait too long to start your campaign. It’s because they are conveniently easy to prepare and produce. Collaborate with an online free flyer retailer to bring your vision to life and discuss the number of flyers that you will need to achieve your business goals. That’s all it takes to have these small yet effective marketing tools ready to go.


4. Inexpensive with Exceptional ROI

Flyers for businesses are one of the most inexpensive and cost-effective marketing channels. They are significantly cheaper than online ads and pose little to no financial risk. You can use your at-home computer to design a flyer and produce many copies of it with a photocopying machine, but just sit and think twice about how that will appear to your potential customers — are the promo flyers quality or not? However, as a small company, it’s best practice if you opt for a reliable online print seller to create effective, high-quality, printed flyers, which will portray a more professional feel of YOUR business, when they're making the business decision on whether to work with you or not; it's all about building trust to get that first order, or the Call To Action you're after.

The best part about using well-crafted flyers and leaflets is that they will be effective at capturing the attention of the targeted viewer, without forcing you to burn a hole in your pocket, especially post-Covid-19. If you order them in bulk and use them to fulfil your marketing campaign goals, you can easily spread them both locally, or far and wide to generate the right buzz for your company or product in the UK and Ireland.

Printed flyers are conveniently easy to prepare and produce.


5. Excellent Readability

Since flyers, especially with A6 and 1/3A4 sizes are quite small, were you don’t have a lot of space to add extraneous details about your business on them. A common problem is that the inexperienced can cram flyers from edge to edge with too much text and content, drowing out your clear message or call to action. However, that lack of space focuses minds and ensures that whatever information you provide its readers will be succinct, engaging, and highly readable. PRO TIP: Keeping things brief and to the point will make them more memorable and attractive. Don't forget the all-important "Call To Action"! What is it you want people to do after they've read your flyer? Focus on that!

Moreover, flyers are also designed to be as readable as possible. It means that the information displayed on them is highlighted in an easy-to-read format, with clear points and in well-spaced fonts. All you have to convey to consumers is your offer and products and services you can provide for people. If you want prospective customers to find out more about your business, you need to add your website, social media channels, and events on your flyers. Don't forget to add your business name at the bottom. The Product message and Call To Action are far more important. If people are interested and you've engaged them, they'll explore further. Don't make the olde skool mistake of the promoting the ego-trip of a huge company logo. Nobody cares. Seriously.


6. Instant Feedback and Marketing

One of the best aspects of using flyers and leaflets for UK and Irish businesses is that they get to receive instant feedback on their marketing material. Typically, you or your team will distribute the flyers to strangers and prospective customers. This one-on-one interaction will help you gauge the immediate reaction of the person upon receiving your flyer. The reaction will help you understand whether your flyers are being well-received by your target audience or not.

Additionally, it also allows you to market your business in a positive light, and how you can help people or other companies or organisations. By interacting with prospective customers, you will have an opportunity to ask them for their honest feedback and listen to their needs. It will help you with your future marketing campaigns. It can also proactively enable you to save your current campaign by making the required changes that your audience will appreciate.

One of the best aspects of using flyers for businesses is that they get to receive instant feedback on their marketing material.


7. Creative Expression & Brand Introduction

Flyers enable businesses to express themselves creatively. You need to think, “What should be on a printed flyer?” The obvious answers include your main message, a Call to Action, your brand name and (small) contact details etc. However, most businesses don’t realise that flyers present you with the perfect opportunity to introduce your brand to prospective customers in a positive light.

You can use them to showcase your creative side by using aesthetically pleasing graphics and images along with your main message. It will become an excellent talking point for you to introduce your brand and engage with a prospective customer. So, think outside the box and make striking statements with your creativity.


8. Conversation Starters & Event Promoters

Not only are flyers or leaflets one of the best conversation-starters for businesses, but they are also an excellent marketing tool for (now the UK and Ireland are hopefully through the worse of the Covid pandemic) promoting any event that your company might be hosting in the future. All you have to do is mention the event, its venue, date, and brief details to capture the attention of interested parties and stakeholders.

Free flyers help make sure your key message is front and centre.


9. Key Message should be Front and Centre please

Another incredible benefit of using leaflets for businesses is that the lack of space ensures your main message will not be drowned out because of unnecessary content. They are invaluable at UK and international trade fairs where you can hand them to other businesses and customers so that people know how to get in touch with you after the event. Similarly, you can hand them out at a sales meeting or an industry conference to attract more clients and businesses with your key message.


10. Brilliant Reach

Contrary to popular belief, printed leaflets and flyers offer businesses excellent reach. It’s all about using them wisely. For instance, you can use flyers to market your business at trade shows, conferences, student events, concerts, awards ceremonies, town markets, church fairs and fetes, and even on the side of a busy road!

All you need to do is think about your industry and who your target audience is, then figure out the best way to interact with them. If your target audience is graduating students at a British University, you can hand them flyers during festival weeks or career counselling days (keep your hands sanitised in this Covid era though). You can also include special offers to attract the attention of your target audience... something that always garners good results if your potential customers see a benefit to themselves and their companies or organisations.

Upload or create a design for your Free flyers and order today.


Now that you know how lucrative printed flyers and leaflets can be for your business, it’s time to put your trust in Trade Printing UK to get your flyers and leaflets printed by a reliable printing company.