We will design the professional Freepost artwork for you if you don't already have a PDF generated from the Royal Mail's website.

  • Select file > Upload your "Approved" Royal Mail PDF of your "Freepost" design at correct size.
  • OR Select file > Upload your Company Logo which can be added to the design.
  • If you have neither, select the BLUE Button "CHECKOUT", and we then will prepare an Artwork Proof for you.
  • For first time orders (with a new licence number) the proof must be sent to Royal Mail for sign-off and Approval. To speed up the process and, more importantly, make things easier for you, we'll send the artwork to the Royal Mail on your behalf to get "Copy Approval". Once approved, we will then send it to production to be printed.

NOTE: Ink will run if it gets wet!

These are not intended to be used in continuous outdoor environment. Given the nature of envelopes, the paper and content should remain dry. Please manage your own or your customers' expectations in lieu.

Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.