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Quotation Form
Quotations Template (A4 size) Artwork for Carbonless NCR Printing

A Quotation Form is used by businesses to give an exact, agreed calculation of value, quantity, price or extent of potential product supply or services that they can offer to another party.

The difference between a Quotation and an Estimate is that a Quotation is an agreed value, time or price for goods or services, were an Estimate is approximate in value, time, or price were.

General Features of a Quotation Form include: your client or potential client's details including Telephone No, Mobile Tel No., and E-mail address. The Quotation Form also has product quantity, Description of Quotation, plus the exact unit price and total. A limited Validity notice of 30 days for quotations is standard within the UK. The footer contains your client's signature and date, your sales person's signature and date, plus any other Agreed Terms of Sale.

For a company to work out a Quotation it needs to know its fixed and variable costs. These include the cost-per-hour of manual labour and the cost of the materials it will need to complete the Estimate. The estimate based on what you think the job will involve. All quotations should be provided in writing (preferably as Carbonless NCR), including a detailed breakdown. This will help to avoid any disputes about what work or service is included in your overall price.

You're also enforcing your brand is remembered with your potential client, or pricing job, as your company logo and contact details will be professionally printed on the bespoke Quotation Pads or Books that your potential client will be receiving. A great way to stand out from the crowd when they have multiple quotes in front of them and making a purchasing decision.

We can customise the Quotation template above for your business, including adding your company logo in Full Colour for FREE.

Quotation NCR SETS: Loose Carbonless sheets glued together at top edge.

Quotation NCR PADS: 50 NCR Sets Glued into thick Pads MOST POPULAR

Quotation NCR BOOKS Upgrade: 50 NCR Sets perforated, stapled and tape-bound on spine for robustness allowing you to retain a copy in the Book.
Upgrade Cost: £2 Extra per Book

Trade Printing UK can delete elements from the original Quotation Pad template artwork too although if we've to ADD bespoke elements such as new sections, credit card details & trade logos etc., you'll have to pay a nominal extra charge for professional Quotation Artwork time in our studios, which is usually around £25 + VAT for 30 minutes, depending on your customisation requirements. We can provide a quote before-hand though if you've a complicated brief.

Trade Printing UK has the largest range of FREE, professional templates for Carbonless NCR printing available in the UK and Ireland — ready for NCR Sets, NCR Pads and NCR Books.

We can add your FULL COLOUR LOGO for FREE onto this Carbonless Dayworks Template!

FREE Delivery* within UK and Ireland.

You only pay on the sign-off of the artwork, rather than up front like other companies.

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