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5 Templates you can use to Customise your Stationery

5 Templates You Can Use to Customise Your Stationery

Investing in a personal stationery template is one of the best things a growing or small business can do. It’s because bespoke stationery will help you present yourself as a professional and reliable entity in the cut-throat business world. However, not every business has the budget to invest in fancy or luxurious stationery templates.

With that said, there are many minimalist and budget-friendly stationery templates that can help you set the right first impression on prospective clients, business partners, patrons, and employees. You can use a well-crafted template to design your business cards, brochures, flyers, notepads, letterheads, envelopes, newsletters, and even calendars.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some practical yet effective bespoke stationery templates for businesses!


5 Bespoke Stationery Template Ideas

5 Bespoke Stationery Template Ideas

Here are 5 types of personal stationery templates you can use for your small business:

Minimalist and Sleek

A classic white set with minimalist detailing in a bold or dark colour will work best for any business looking for clean and simple yet elegant stationery. If you want your business to be taken seriously, you will need a minimalist stationery design that blends well with your logo. Minimalist custom templates work best for legal or financial businesses. However, they can also suit more creative businesses, including hair or beauty salons and personal coaching. They also work well for NHS hospital dept branding.

You can use a minimalist template for custom letterheads and compliment slips, printed envelopes, luxury business cards, notepads and other business stationery. It will enable you to promote your brand in a fashionable yet understated and modern way. You can distribute the business cards among your clients and use the printed envelopes and letterheads for posting out important news, GDPR marketing materials and other company announcements.

Geometric Designs

Another way to present your business in a modern and professional light is to opt for geometric figures or lines on your custom stationery set. Many online stationery templates use a simplified geometric design, such as a massive colourful rectangle, an inverted triangle, or a diagonal intersection for custom business templates.

However, you can choose a unique, geometric design with minimalist touches for an impressive-looking business stationery set. You can use the basis of this design style to create your company’s business cards, envelopes, letterheads, and other stationery items. Moreover, you can add your company logo for free plus all-important business details right on top of the colourful, geometric, part of the stationery for added, artistic effect.

Patterns and Abstract elements

If you’re looking for a visually appealing design that will set your company or brand apart and add a pop of colour to your business stationery, choose a personal stationery template with patterns. You can choose from a wide range of patterns online and opt for a design that fits beautifully with your overall brand aesthetic. Choose a hue that goes seamlessly with your brand’s distinctive colour palette and something that’s in vogue.

You could try choosing a corporate design with a heady mix of geometric and abstract elements. making sure that the distinctive design elements don’t clash with each other. If you’re a beauty salon, hairdressers, choose an intricate or creative pattern; or for a health and fitness industry business why not try something suggesting wellness or calmness, maybe suggesting motion, then customise your business stationery with your corporate logo for a more refined look.


If you’re looking to add an artistic flair to your office stationery template, you can do so with an art-centric design. It will work best for a creative business, such as a creative arts, visual artist or design firm. You could try using a template with a watercolour effect, an elegant leaf sketch or print for a gentle, clean look inspired by nature. Depending on the colours you choose for the watercolour effect, you can add a spot of high-end sophistication with spot UV varnish (sitting on top of a matt lamination layer for greatest effect, giving a smooth, velvety feel), or coloured foil to create a balance and area of interst on the delicate design, especially with invitations and marketing brochures and materials. There are a few colour variants available, depending on the application, but the foil colours can be Copper, Gold, Silver, Red or Green usually within the UK print industry. It’s usually quite a specialist add-on to a print template, so ask your preferred print trade supplier for help there.

If you’re just starting out and would like to create a stronger, personal bond with your clients, you can choose to write handwritten letters on this business stationery to create a remarkable first impression. It will take a lot of effort, but the result could be well worth it as it’s rarely seen nowadays. Alternatively, you can pair the stationery with a decorative, elegant calligraphy font. However, make sure to choose a readable typeface or use a second, clearer sans-serif or serif font for vital information, such as your contact information.

Embossed Design

If your business operates within a highly competitive industry, you’ll need stationery templates that can help you establish your brand as a reputable service provider within your sector. A sure-fire way to project a professional image is via premium-quality, embossed type on your stationery. It’s a timeless option for brands and enterprises that want to exude a sense of style and establish their authority.

You can choose to emboss your logo or your company’s initials on the letterhead, business cards, and even printed envelopes with certain manufacturers. The raised effect can be done in various hues and will work best for brand representation if you design it in your company colours. It’s also quite a specialist add-on to a print template, so again, ask your preferred print trade supplier for help there.


As a small business in the UK or Ireland, you must present a consistent brand image to your customers

Benefits of Using Personal Stationery Templates

Here are some compelling benefits of using custom, stationery templates:

Consistent Branding

As a small business in the UK or Ireland, you must present a consistent brand image to your customers. Customised stationery templates will help you do just that. For instance, a custom letterhead template will ensure that you use the same letterhead for all your correspondence with prospective clients and your employees, which will present a professional brand image.

Brand Recognition

Brand consistency will boost your customers and potential customers recognition of your brand since you will be using the same custom templates on all your stationery items, including letterheads, printed envelopes, luxury business cards, flyers & brochures etc, enabling you to stand out from your competition.

Easy Networking

Custom templates for your business cards especially, the most personal, customer-facing type of print you can have as an asset, enable you to network at various events and keeping the design consistent across all your marketing tools will ensure that you’re presenting that required, professional brand image to all potential stakeholders. First impressions count after all!

Positive Brand Image

Bespoke, custom stationery templates also show prospective clients and business partners that you care about your business and your brand’ aesthetic? Presenting a positive, consistent image here will also help you and your staff open doors, garner more attention and ultimately customers, positively impacting your business’ bottom line.

Time & Resource Saving

Lastly, customised and consistent stationery templates help UK and Irish businesses save a lot of design time and marketing budget; time and resources that you would have spent with a graphic designer or digital marketing agency creating new stationery could be used else within your marketing strategy. With business cards especially, all you’ll need to do with additional employees is change the name, e-mail and mobile number. Everything else on the business card template would remain the same throughout your company.


The Bottom Line

A personal stationery template, whether it's for a Letterhead or Compliment Slip, is a life-saver for businesses looking to establish their brand presence and make their business known in the local business arena. Thanks to the consistent branding you can achieve with bespoke stationery templates, you can project a positive brand image and market your company to customers the way you envisioned and win a lot more business.