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Custom Printed Compliment Slips

Custom printed compliment slips

Compliment Slips Prices

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Quantity 250 500 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000
Printed Full Colour CMYK 4/0 £50 £55 £60 £75 £100 £130

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Trade Printing UK [TPUK] can personalise and manufacture cheap, printed Compliment Slips on our premium quality, 120gsm white bond paper, with the full-colour CMYK printing process.


They're great for writing simple correspondence, or a hand-written note to a client when sending samples, a brochure, or some other form of communication or marketing material.

Accounts departments also love to use them to accompany a cheque payment in the post and the TPUK-printed 'With Compliments Slips' allow you to show a very positive impression, whilst giving an informal view of who you, or your brand and company are to prospective or existing clients.

They give the appearance that your company doesn't scrape on quality and is not into amateur home printing (giving the negative impression to your clients that you scrimp on quality), wishing to portray a professional, upmarket impression to your communication, even through the more informal use of a Compliment Slip. That's why we insist on using high quality, white bond at an impressive 120gsm thickness. Don't settle for some other printing companies' inferior 90gsm - 100gsm paper as that is pretty much just photocopy paper; 120gsm bond paper is easier to write on with a ball pen or gel pen too (you'll not feel the scratch of the pen's nib through to the desk as much), so our advice is don't accept less than a premium white bond paper stock and its subsequent fabulous quality. We can give that to you and at an awfully reasonable price!

Many different types of UK businesses can benefit from cheap, printed Compliment Slips from ourselves. We would advise designing them professionally (if you don't have your own graphic designer, we can design them for you. Trade Printing's studio time is charged at £25 + VAT per half hour. Don't make the mistake of using a generic, online Comp Slip template as they've been used and copied by many dozens of other companies before you. It's best to create your own with a design that tells the story quickly and simply of who you, your company, or your brand are at a quick glance. First impressions count with your clients, or potential clients, so please let us print them professionally to a quality level for your company. You'll not regret it.


You (or your graphic designer) can use your own professional PDF Compliment Slips artwork, or if you require a design, please just supply your high-resolution company logo and we can create the artwork for you, which we charge at just £25 + VAT per half hour of studio time).

The standard, printed 1/3A4 Compliment Slips (210mm x 99mm / 8.27" x 11.69") are the most popular size for quality business stationery, and we can print "full-bleed" off the edges for that extra touch of high-end refinement. Nobody ever complains about quality after all.

We print our Compliment Slips on state-of-the-art, full colour CMYK printing presses here within the UK and offer a great, cheap, value-for-money print service with FREE delivery on all orders (UK and Ireland) via our relationship with Parcelforce. We can also ship internationally via Fedex.

If you would like to know more about our premium quality, personalised, custom "With Compliments Slips", then call us today from your mobile phone on 028 9084 1234. Trade Printing UK's staff are here to help you.