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  • Custom Printed Envelopes C5
  • Custom Printed Envelopes C5 Peel & Seal Flap
  • Custom Printed Envelopes C5 size with Self-Seal flap

Our prices below include FREE Delivery. We overprint on to Premium white 120gsm peel & seal C5 envelopes, with a 100gsm Self-Seal option available at no extra charge if reqd.

You will pay your Annual Licence Fee and monthly Freepost Standard postage usage separately to Royal Mail via a Monthly invoice from them. That has got nothing to do with us. We only print the actual envelopes you'll use.

PRINTING PRICES for C5 Freepost Standard Envelopes

QUANTITY 250 500 1k 2k 5k
PRICE £65 £75 £90 £140 £300
Prices Exclude VAT. You pay Postage Cost to Royal Mail separately

We can also print on part of the reverse side of the C5 Envelope.

If supplying your own professional artwork, please be careful when positioning your artwork, allowing for Main Flap and position of the seams, otherwise you'll get a poor printing experience.

C5 PRICES — 120gsm Peel & Seal, 4/4

QUANTITY 250 500 1k 2k 5k
PRICE £97.50 £112.50 £135 £210 £450
Prices Exclude VAT. You pay Postage Cost to Royal Mail separately

We can usually bleed off your artwork to the edges on the FRONT side only.

However, certain restrictions apply and we'd need to see your artwork first before promising we can do it.

EXTRA 20% surcharge onto total cost.

Our prices are based on normal ink usage of 30% ink Coverage.

However, depending on your artwork we can allow for heavy ink coverage

EXTRA 30% surcharge onto total cost.


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  • C5 size (229mm x 162mm)
  • Plain
  • Over-Printed Full Colour Digital 4/0 (based on 30% max. ink Coverage)
  • Premium 120gsm Peel & Seal as standard (100gsm Self-Seal available as option with depth of 30mm approx.)
  • Wallet (long-edge) Flap with depth of 35mm approx.
  • Flap is DOWN by default
  • Full Bleed to the edges available as option at 20% Extra cost
  • Heavy Ink Coverage to 60% max. available as option at 30% Extra cost
  • Double-sided printing available as option at 50% Extra cost
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