Printed Presentation Folders Artwork Setup Guide
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Presentation Folders
Artwork Setup Guide

For use by professional designers
Step 1 - Choose & Download

When you've found the Presentation Folder shape you want, download the die-cut template from our website.

It can be imported into design packages such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign or Quark.
Step 1 - Chose a Presentation Folder die-cut forme & download
Standard Forme Link Standard Forme (5mm Gusset) Link Folder Type 2 Link Folder Type 3 Link Folder Type 4 Link Folder Type 5 Link
Oversize A5 Folder Template Link
Step 2 — Artboard Set-up

Set your canvas size to the exact dimensions listed on your chosen shape (Flat not Finished).

Canvas dimensions should be as follows:

• Oversize A4 — 535mm x 428mm

• Oversize A4 with 5mm Gusset
- 547mm x 431mm

• Oversize A5 — 420mm x 332mm

Make sure your settings are in CMYK and use hi-res images (min 300dpi).
Step 2 - Set your artwork canvas size
Step 3 - Importing the template into your chosen design package
Step 3 — Import Die-cut

Import the die-cut forme into your chosen design package and set it on the top layer to help you position the elements for your design.

The die-cut is set to overprint — please do not change this!

If creating your design in Adobe Photoshop just delete the die-cut layer before supplying your final artwork - we'll then add the die-cut forme manually.
Step 4 — Bleed & Crease Info

If your artwork contains solid colours, photos or other elements that run to the edge then you need to extend them 3 ~ 4mm beyond the die-cut to allow for bleed.

Keep text or logos at least 4 ~ 5mm within the die-cut shape to ensure that nothing is cut off or lost during production when the folders are creased and cut down to shape.
Outer artwork needs to bleed 1mm over the crease — the design from the front panel and flaps would bleed into the back panel.
Step 5 — Export Artwork

Export your finished artwork as a high resolution PDF (min. 300dpi / CMYK), ensuring that all fonts are outlined or embedded.

Ensure that your artwork canvas size is set up as detailed in Step 2 above:

• Oversize A4 — 535mm x 428mm

• Oversize A4 with 5mm Gusset
— 547mm x 431mm

Have the die-cut forme on the top layer with overprinting kept on so that the green lines do not appear on the finished job or knockout artwork below them.

If only using Photoshop to create your artwork delete the die-cut entirely before flattening the layers and exporting.

Step 6 — Final PDF Files

We need you to send us TWO versions of your artwork (as illustrated to the right), one WITH the green Die-Cut Forme on Top of the artwork, the other WITHOUT. The size of each PDF is listed below depending on which die-cut Forme version you've chosen:

• CANVAS SIZE - 'Standard Shape'
- 535mm x 428mm

• CANVAS SIZE — 'Standard Shape with 5mm Gusset' — 547mm x 431mm
Step 5 - Exporting your finished Presentation Folder artwork
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