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A Vehicle Fault Defect Report allow accurate recording of details for operators and drivers logging daily and weekly checks on vehicles and plant by means of a walkaround check. Drivers are required to report defects or defect symptoms, especially when on Site work, which could prevent their safe operation of their vehicles before leaving the Site.

Weekly checks must also be carried out to ensure roadworthiness of the vehicle and advise of any indication or likelihood that their vehicle is starting to develop a fault such as vibration, warning lights on the dash, and other safety concerns preventing safe operation on the road after leaving a Site. Vehicles should be repaired on-site before leaving by mobile repair engineers.

Vehicle Fault Detection Reports have the legal UK requirements of:

  • Heavy vehicles and trailers, whether owned or temporarily hired, MUST be kept in a fit, serviced (and serviceable) condition.

  • Heavy vehicle drivers must promptly report defects or defect symptoms that could prevent safe operation on the public roads of their vehicles.

Features of these Vehicle Fault Defect Reports include: Client Name and Address; Date; Contact Name; Arrival and Departure times; Nature of Fault or Defect reported; Action Taken or Required; Precautions and Hazards advised including whether the item has been left operational, plus if the item has been isolated with Warnings attached; both Client and Company signatures.

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Your Choice of Fault Defect NCR Product:

  • Fault Defect Report NCR SETS: Loose Carbonless sheets glued together at top edge.

  • Fault Defect Report NCR PADS: MOST POPULAR 50 NCR Sets Glued into thick Pads
  • Fault Defect Report NCR BOOKS Upgrade: 50 NCR Sets perforated, stapled and tape-bound on spine for robustness allowing you to retain a copy in the Book.
    Upgrade Cost: €2 Extra per Book

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Fault Defect Report Log Form (A4 size) Template Artwork for Carbonless NCR Printing

Vehicle Fault Defect Report — A4 Size


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