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Building Maintenance Checklist Forms are an itemised set of tasks for maintenance technicians to keep properties, structures and infrastructure and surrounding spaces in proper and legal operating condition with a routine, scheduled set of prioritised checks to prevent failure and/or degradation.

Building Maintenance form variations are called a Facility Maintenance Checklist, or Preventative Maintenance Checklist. TradePrintingUK have templates for these and can print them as carbonless NCR books or NCR pads.

The main features of a Building Maintenance Schedule Checklist cover:

  • PLUMBING: checking Toilets & Sinks, Taps and Showerheads, Drains, Pipes, Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets, Water Heaters
  • BUILDING INTERIORS: checking Wood cabinets and trim, interior doors, garage doors, windows and door tracks, underfloor and crawl space, ceramic tile condition or cleanliness
  • ELECTRICAL & APPLIANCES: electrical wiring condition, smoke detectors, checking HVAC heating and cooling systems kitchen exhaust fan, fridges & freezers, dishwasher, GFI outlets.
  • BUILDING EXTERIORS: checking foundations, drainage, guttering and pipe work.
  • CAR PARKS & INFRASTRUCTURE: checking concrete and tarmac, storm drains, gardens and landscaping for drainage issues.

Facility Maintenance checks usually also include: cleaning common areas, removing rubbish and storm debris, plus repairing fixtures or items that are broken or damaged. It can also include inspection, repairing and maintaining electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems, as well as other utility services.

Commonly used across construction industries and property management such as domestic electrical or mechanical machinery, I.T. sectors, electronics repairs, telecommunications, HVAC, Air Con, healthcare machinery, and property maintenance companies.

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning. This system provides heating and cooling to residential and commercial buildings, and use fresh air from outside to provide high indoor air quality and thermal comfort,

The 'V' in HVAC is the most important part as it's for 'Ventilation', and is the process of replacing air within a building by the removal of heat, dust, smoke, extra moisture, airborne pathogens, odours, carbon dioxide and other build-ups of gases, whilst managing oxygen replenishment and building temperature control.

We can customise the Building Maintenance Schedule and Checklist templates, or the Facility Maintenance or Inspection Checklist above for your maintenance business, including adding your company logo in Full Colour for FREE.

Your Choice of Carbonless NCR product:

  • Building Facility Maintenance Forms NCR SETS: Loose Carbonless sheets glued together at top edge to create Invoice Sets

  • Building Facility Maintenance Forms NCR PADS: MOST POPULAR 50 NCR Sets Glued into thick Invoice Pads
  • Building Facility Maintenance Forms NCR BOOKS Upgrade: 50 NCR Sets perforated, stapled and tape-bound on spine for robustness allowing you to retain a copy in the Book. Invoice Books will take the most abuse when out in a van or lorry.

Upgrade Cost: €2 Extra per Building Maintenance Checklist Book

Trade Printing UK can delete elements from the original template artwork too although if we've to ADD bespoke elements such as new sections, credit card details & trade logos etc., you'll have to pay a nominal extra charge for Professional Artwork time in our studios, which is usually around €35 + VAT for 30 minutes, depending on your customisation requirements. We can provide a quote before-hand though if you've a complicated brief.

Trade Printing UK has the largest range of FREE, professional templates for Carbonless NCR printing available in Ireland — ready for NCR Sets, NCR Pads and NCR Books.

This allows you to choose a custom NCR template that will suit your company or industry needs perfectly by customising any artwork template below with your own company logo, address and other details, which will make you look more professional to your customers.

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Choose a Building Maintenance or Facility Maintenance Template below, place your order and we will then personalise / edit it for you, add your company logo, then send a PDF proof via E-mail for approval.


Building Maintenance Checklist Template (A4 size) Artwork for Carbonless NCR Printing

Building Maintenance Checklist 1 (A4)


Building Maintenance Log Template (A4 size) Artwork for Carbonless NCR Printing

Building Maintenance Log 2 (A4)


Building Maintenance Schedule Template (A4 size) Artwork for Carbonless NCR printing

Building Maintenance Schedule 3 (A4)


Facility Maintenance Checklist Template (A4 size) Artwork for Carbonless NCR Printing

Facility Maintenance Checklist 4 (A4)


Facility Inspection Checklist Template (A4 size) Artwork for Carbonless NCR printing

Facility Inspection Checklist 5 (A4)


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