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Custom Printed Presentation Folders
Supplying Artwork

Please note (for Professional Designers): There is obviously
no charge for supplying your own professional artwork
using the specifications detailed below.

If you do not have your own professional artwork and wish us to design it for you, you'll need to add an extra 3 - 5 days (at least) to the turnaround time. Artwork is charged at €30 per 1/2 hr.

Colour Variation Guide
How to set up your Presentation Folder artwork using our Free Templates

General Artwork

Preferably a High-res PDF or High-res JPEG/TIFF
(minimum 300dpi CMYK or 1200dpi Grayscale)
via online order form or E-mail


If Supplying Native Files
(Eg. Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark etc.)

  • Include all relevant graphic files
  • Outline/Rasterize or supply all fonts relevant fonts
  • Minimum Resolution CMYK (at 300dpi) or 1200dpi Grayscale
  • All disks supplied are returnable on request.

Special Guidelines for Suppling NCR or other Spot Colour Artwork - Please Read

Plates explained - 2 colours

A Second Plate

If you're doing 2-colour+ job, just use a MAGENTA plate for your 2nd colour, and just specify the Pantone of the colour of ink you actually want us to print with; same goes for a 1-colour job printed in anything other than Black... just supply it as a pure 1-plate Black ink artwork and specify the actual ink colour for the press. It's only to separate the colour out easily in our CTP RIP.

*Important Information Re: Colour

For designers normally used to CMYK, we are using Spot Pantone Colours (available from the Swatch Libraries in the likes of Quark & Illustrator etc.) - specifically 'Solid Coated', 'Solid Uncoated' / 'Solid Matte' variants only.


Individual Plate

All Text & Logos are converted to 350dpi pure Black plate / Grayscale only (Some PDF software has a habit of changing everything to CMYK and 4-plate black etc. if the user isn't careful).

A Power-User Tip is render it (if you've been supplied an unknown PDF from a client) at 1200dpi Grayscale in Photoshop (yup, an A4 will be 132Mb to begin with), bump your shadow Levels up slightly from 91% to 100% and then convert to pure 1200dpi Lineart for the crispest text possible.

Individual Plate

Drill Holes & Quiet Zone

Leave at least 8mm - 10mm all round for press grip; or if doing NCR Books, 25mm blank on the side that has the perforation.

If you request Drill Holes they'll also need to use that same 35mm space from the edge so design your artwork accordingly and allow for it otherwise we'll have to bastardize it to fit! - See guide illustration to the right >>

Quiet & Artwork Zones


However you can use small amounts of bleed-offs on any side that DON'T have fan-apart glue - e.g. you CAN bleed off all four sides when it's NCR PADS or BOOKS only. But with NCR SETS (ink + glue don't like each other!), don't bleed off on the gluing side when producing NCR Sets, otherwise we'll have to add a 4mm white strip across the gluing edge to prevent ink and glue mixing.


Sequential Numbering

Indicate where the sequential numbering goes (if reqd), but DON'T include it (00000) in your final PDF.

You need to allow about 1cm of height (if using boxes) to allow for the numbering height, plus about 1cm per two digits width.

Sequential Numbering

Software - Converting to PDF

Sorry, we don't accept Publisher, Excel or Corel Draw files as valid artwork, but you may Export as high-res Jpeg / font-included PDFs and send those... make sure you turn "Anti-Aliasing" ON to give smooth un-jagged text, especially when using PCs!

* All files must be supplied Black only *

Word doesn't convert its colour palette to printing plates, and therefore must be supplied as a single colour (Black). If you want the final print job to be a colour other than Black, you must still provide the PDF from Word in Black and state your preferred colour in the Order Checklist - - see Plates Explained above.

If you are creating your artwork in either Microsoft Word or Excel, select 'Save as PDF' to create a PDF version of your design that we can then use. We can't accept native Word/Excel files as it could result in missing fonts, text reflow or incorrectly positioned content when we open the file at our end.


Envelopes - Window & Layout Guides

Click the following link for a guide on setting up artwork for envelopes with windows.

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