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Delivery Note 1
Delivery Note Template 1 (A4 Size) Artwork for Carbonless NCR Printing

Delivery Note CMR
Delivery Note CMR Template (A4 Size) Artwork for Carbonless NCR Printing

POD Proof of Delivery Consignment Note
POD Proof of Delivery Consignment Note Template (A4 size) Artwork for Carbonless NCR Printing

A CMR International Consignment Delivery Note / Lettre de Voiture International is a mandatory 4-part, European-wide delivery note for heavy transport, containing a standard set of transport and liability conditions, replacing a company's terms and conditions.

A CMR confirms that the carrier (i.e. the road haulage company) has received the goods and that a contract of carriage exists between the trader and the carrier.

Unlike a BoL Bill of Lading, a CMR is not a document of title nor a declaration, although some European states regard it as such. It doesn’t necessarily give its holder and/or the carrier any rights of ownership or possession of the goods, although some insurance is included.

If your haulage company wishes to transport goods via road haulage throughout mainland Europe and even internationally then the CMR International Consignment Note is the standard road haulage contract that UK road hauliers should use. The CMR Consignment Note confirms that the haulage company has received the goods in full and that they have a commercial contract to ship to another destination from the supplier. Be aware that even if an articulated trailer or shipping container has been picked up at the docks via a UK-based haulage artic lorry the goods will still have travelled between two different countries, whether within the EU or not, so the haulage company than picks up the trailer or shipping container will require CMR Consignment Note. For complete details of the CMR note you'd need to download the United Nations Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road PDF

The standard CMR International Consignment Note / Lettre de Voiture International is a 4-part Quadruplicate NCR Pad, which means you've got three extra copies of the original which includes one for a) the supplier of the goods b) for the recipient of the goods c) to accompany the haulage driver of the goods whilst they're being transported via road.

When the goods to be carried have to be loaded onto different articulated lorries or picked up via shipping container, or are different kinds or divided into different lots, the supplier of the goods or the road haulage company carrying the goods has the right to require a separate CMR International Consignment Note / Lettre de Voiture International to be completed for each vehicle used in the transport of the goods, or for each kind of the goods being transported.

The CMR Delivery Note will always contain the following items as standard:

Date of CMR Consignment Note and the place at which it is completed initially

Name and Address of the Sender or Supplier

Name and Address of the Haulage Company or Carrier of the goods

Place and road transport Date of the goods plus the delivery address

Name and Address of the Consignee

Description of the Goods and their nature and packing description including dangerous goods

Quantity of packages and any special labeling or numbering

Gross tare weight of the goods or quantity of Goods in normal language

Carriage Charges, Additional charges including any addition non-EU customs' duties and any other charges incurred from the original contract creation right up to the final time of the road haulage delivery to the destination

Instructions for Customs and any other formal requests

Statement on the CMR Consignment Note that the haulage is subject, notwithstanding any clause to the contrary, to the provision of this convention

Were applicable, the CMR International Consignment Note shall also contain the following particulars printed on the 4-pt quadruplicate CMR form:

Statement that any transshipment is not allowed

Any charges that the Supplier or sender undertakes to pay

Amount of COD (cash on delivery) charges

Declaration of the value of the goods and the amount that represents any special interest in the delivery

Sender's instructions to the road haulage carrier regarding the insurance held in respect to transporting the goods

Time limit agreed that the road haulage carrier agrees to have the shipment completed by

Complete list of documents handed to the road haulage carrier or driver

We use custom-printed versions of the CMR Consignment Note so you can include your company's full name and address in the relevant boxes. Our CMR International Consignment Note Template shows the positioning of this information easily and Trade Printing UK's professional design studio can create this for you. We would send you a PDF draft proof before sign-off and production so you can check your details first.

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